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WE ARE NOT ACTIVE. GO TO http://theheartofawarrior.canadian-forum.com/ that is a better site!

WE ARE NOT ACTIVE. GO TO http://theheartofawarrior.canadian-forum.com/ that is a better site!
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 RainShadow's tree.

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PostSubject: RainShadow's tree.   RainShadow's tree. EmptySun Feb 05, 2012 12:29 am

A lean dark gray tom-cat with black spots, dapples, stripes, and spots evenly scattered across his pelt padded in this small clearing, a tall oak tree towering above him. He hopped on the lowest branch swiftly, then the branch above, and then the third branch that was directly in the middle of the tree. He finally got to rest, and he stretched his body across the branch, setting his head on his paws and glancing out at the horizon, he decided, in his mind, to make this tree his home, his territory. As he had climbed the tree, he had smothered the tree with his scent.

Butterfly:3 ღ *~Birdeh- administrator and founder of WarriorCatsRP~* ღ Butterfly:3

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Well, I am a punk, a forever alone, I have really weird hazel eyes and long mouse brown hair, and I like cats. That's really all you need to know about me. ;3

If you need any help, contact me over PM and I will be glad to help! Bounce!

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PostSubject: Re: RainShadow's tree.   RainShadow's tree. EmptySat Mar 17, 2012 3:37 pm

A beautiful she-cat with snow white fur and dazzling frosty blue eyes slowly made her way through the other rougues territory. Her breath taking fur shimmered in the decieving LeafBare sun. Her pelt started to bristle and her eyes spread wide with alarm.
"Hello! Show yourself!" She yowled.

FrostKit, Rougue kit Of Leaf & Noon.

FireHeart, Warrior of SunClan mate to BirdStar, Has 3 Lovely kits.

WeedFlicker, Of SunClan, Son of BirdStar.

Sun, KittyPet about apprentice age.

Aspen, Rougue.

TumbleKit, KIt of FoxSpark and

IvyLeaf, an unknown.....

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PostSubject: Re: RainShadow's tree.   RainShadow's tree. EmptyTue Mar 20, 2012 10:07 pm

Spottedheart's ear twitched, as she approached Rainshadow. "Hey." She meowed to her former clanmate with a meek smile on her face. "So how's life. now that we're kicked out of Mossclan?" Her emerald green eyes shone with distaste and uriosity at the same time, and her tone was light, but not unfriendly.

Spottedheart, warrior of MossClan. Looking for a mate and kits~

Thundershock, warrior of SunClan. Looking for a mate and kits~

Frostkit, She-cat, kit of CloudClan~

Flamingpaw, tom, apprentice of MossClan~

Breezekit, daughter of LeafPool and ShadowBringer~

Flowerpaw, She-cat, medicine cat apprentice of SunClan~

Slientpaw, She-cat, apprentice of ClouldClan~

WolfMoon, tom, deputy of DuskClan~
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